August 13, 2012
Let’s see how much we get. Since tumblr is full of people from all over the world reblog this, write down where you’re from and what time/date it currently is there!

Lauren- Scotland, Glasgow, 23:36, 13/08/2012

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    Ashleigh - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 5:15pm 8/27/12
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    Croydon, Pa 7:31 PM - Valeria
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    Taryn- Delray Beach, Florida, United States 1:07pm, 8/15/12
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    Ben ~ Connecticut, ‘Merica, 8/14/2012, 2:57 P.M.
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    looking-for-a-big-adventure: Dorothee, Bremen,Northern Saxony, Germany ,14 August 2012, 2.47pm
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    Raven - Memphis, TN, USA 08/14/12 2:32AM
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    Krystin - Dallas, Texas, United States 11:15pm, 813/12
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    Daniela - Caracas, DC, Venezuela 12:01am, 8/13/12
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    Scarlet - Los Angeles, California, United States, 8:08 pm, 8/13/12
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    Audri- Indianapolis, IN, US 10:57 pm 8/13/12
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    Devin - Huntington beach California and it’s only 5:40 pm
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    Carmen- Northern California, United States, 8/13/2012, 5:23 PM
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    Steph- Chicago, Illinois, United States 7:06 pm, 8/13/12
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    Gianna - Davie, Florida, US 8:01pm 8/13/12
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    Daisy- San Diego, California. 4:57 8/13/12
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    Arthur - South East London, England, 00:57am, 14/08/12
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    Claire- los angeles, california, usa; 8/13/12, 4:50 pm
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    Shannon- Atlanta, Georgia, USA , 7:45pm 8-13-2012
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    AJ - Manila, Philippines, 14 August 2013 7:33am
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    Dallas, Texas. USA! 8/13/12 6:26 PM
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    Angie - Puerto Rico 7:25pm 8/13/2012
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    Burlington, North Carolina USA
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    Shayne - Hastings, New Zealand August 14 2012, 11:20am
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    Roshandala -Bermuda Triangle, Bermada 3:59 AM 6/9/69
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    Abe- Bournemouth Dorset England
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    Adrienne - London, England 14/08/12 00:12am
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    Katie - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 7:12pm, 8/13/2012~
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    Claire - Oakland, California, USA, 4:11pm, 8/13/12
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    Alandra- Connecticut, U.S. 7:10, 8/13/12
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    Meagan - Appleton, Wisconsin, United States 6:10 8/13/12
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    Michelle - Charlotte, North Carolina, US. 7:09pm 8/13/2012
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    Sofia - Algarve, Portugal. midnight 8/14/12
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    Kristiina - Estonia, Viljandi, 2:07am, 8/14/12
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    Deja - Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States 7:07pm, 8/13/12
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    Jessica - Malmö, Sweden 1:06 am, 8/14/12
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    Amanda - Queens, New York, United States 7:06 pm, 8/13/12
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